Are Cherry MX Speed Switches Good For Typing?

Is Cherry MX blue good for typing?

Cherry MX Blue switches are a typists dream.

Not terribly popular in gaming keyboards (but still popular with gamers because they just sound so good), but extremely popular for day-to-day typing, the MX Blues offer that audible, tactile “click” when the actuation point is hit..

Are Cherry MX clears loud?

The only noise it should make should be from bottoming out, and you can either teach yourself to not bottom out as you type, or use o-rings to mute that sound. … Clears and Browns should be about the same in terms of sound. The only difference between them is that Clears have a larger tactile bump and a heavier spring.

What is the most comfortable keyboard for typing?

The best ergonomic keyboardsLogitech Ergo K860.Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop.Logitech K350.Kinesis Freestyle2.Adesso Tru-Form 150.Matias Ergo Pro.Surface Ergonomic Keyboard.

What switches are best for typing?

The Cherry MX Brown switches are best classified as a dual switch, as they are ideal for both gaming and typing, while the Cherry MX Blue switches are the best choice for typists but aren’t ideal at all for games due to low actuation point.

Are Cherry MX speed switches loud?

Cherry MX Blues are “clicky” switches, meaning they make audible clicking noises every time you depress them, like typewriters of old. … Like Reds, Cherry MX Speeds are linear switches that require 45 g of actuation force. Unlike Reds, though, they travel only 1.2 mm rather than the standard 2 mm.

What key switches are quiet?

Cherry MX Brown switches are tactile and quiet. Excellent for office use. These are a preferred choice for developers, writers, and anyone who works long hours in front of the computer.

What is the fastest Cherry MX Switch?

The Cherry MX Speed (Silver) keyswitches are designed to be the fastest on the market, made to appeal to both fast typists and PC gamers like. In Cherry’s own testing, the MX Speed switches were 40 per cent faster than standard Cherry MX switches.

Are linear switches loud?

Loud linear switches? … The switches are ultra smooth and software is the best but it does produce a lot of sound when using, not as much for gaming because your mostly using wasd but when you actually type on it, you can hear it.

Are Cherry MX Browns louder than reds?

Re: Cherry Red or Brown is Quieter? The noise from all of the non-clicky cherry switches is caused by stem contracting the bottom and top surfaces inside the switch casing. So in other words, there is no difference in sound between these switches because the only difference is the slider.

What is the loudest keyboard switch?

Cherry MX BlueThe Cherry MX Blue has a distinct “click” sound when depressed beyond the tactile point, making it the loudest switch in the Cherry MX family.

Are linear switches quiet?

Linear switches themselves are close to silent, but easy to bottom out depending on the actuation force required from the spring strength. When a key is bottomed out the plastic on plastic impact results in noise, not the switch itself.

Are silver switches good for typing?

Kailh Silver [SpeedSwitch] This is an extremely smooth keyswitch. Light enough not to tire your fingers, and quiet, too. You can feel the linear resistance, but it’s not too much — just springy enough so that you feel you’re actually pressing something. Ideal for soft typing in an office environment.

Are brown switches quieter than red?

Cherry MX Brown- Brown switches are quieter than most on the list. … However, they aren’t clicky, making them quieter than Cherry MX Blue switches. Browns require 0.45 N of force to actuate, just like Reds, but the tactile feedback kicks in after 0.55 N of force is applied.

Which Cherry keys are best for typing?

Cherry MX Brown. Recommended for: A good blend of typing and gaming. Cherry MX Brown is widely considered to be the best “middle-ground” switch. Its tactile bump, silent travel, and medium actuation force makes it a versatile switch.

Is Cherry MX Red loud?

Cherry MX Reds :: Off Topic. So among the Cherry MX switches, Red, Brown and Black are the common ones nowadays, and it’s quite a rarity to find those loud but and tad bit heavier blues. Blues and Browns are marketed as Tactile, while Red and Black as linear.

Which Cherry MX Switch is the quietest?

The quietest switch is the MX Silent Red, although it’s not very widely available.

What is the best Cherry MX switch for typing?

The Cherry MX Brown switches are best classified as a dual switch, as they are ideal for both gaming and typing, while the Cherry MX Blue switches are the best choice for typists but aren’t ideal at all for games due to low actuation point.

What is the smoothest linear switch?

My experience has been 80s vintage blacks and Gaterons are the smoothest Cherry MX switches.

Is Cherry MX speed good for typing?

It has the Cherry MX Speed Silver switches which are basically Cherry MX Red but with shorter travel distance. It highlights “faster gaming reflexes” due to the shortest travel distance of 1.2 mm. not only is it beneficial for gamers, but for fast typists too.

What are Cherry MX speed switches?

CHERRY MX SPEED: Fast, faster, MX SPEED – optimized for extremely fast operation. With an actuation point of 1.2 mm, the MX SPEED is the fastest mechanical CHERRY switch ever. No pressure points, linear actuation, switching function at a defined force of approx. 45 cN without contact feedback.

Are linear switches good for typing?

But linear switches have traditionally been viewed as terrible for good typing practice, because the long travel keys (for example, Cherry MX Reds) without feedback meant that for many people it was hard to accurately predict when they would get the keystroke to actuate.