Can You Use Sprint Drive At Home?

Does Sprint Drive work when car is off?

When your vehicle is turned off, the Sprint Drive device will be placed into “sleep mode” which is a power saving mode consuming approximately 5 mA of battery power.

If the vehicle battery becomes weak, the device will send an alert to the Sprint Drive app and the device will automatically shut down..

Why do they push start sprint cars?

Sprint cars do not utilize a transmission, they have an in or out gear box and quick change rear differentials for occasional gearing changes. As a result, they do not have electric starters (or even electrical systems other than a magneto / ignition) and require a push to start them.

How much is Sprint Drive a month?

21 for a limited time, Sprint will give you the device for free with a 24-month installment plan and qualifying data plan. A 2GB Sprint Drive service plan costs $10 per month or you can get unlimited data for $25 per month. To see if your car is compatible with Sprint Drive, head here.

How fast is Sprint Hotspot?

Sprint Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot The Tri-Fi performed well, with average download speeds of 9.3 Mbps and uploads of 1.8 Mbps, and provided excellent Web-surfing speeds.

How do I activate my Sprint Drive?

How Do I Activate Sprint Drive? Download the Sprint Drive app from the App Store® or Google Play™. Launch the application then click “Create an Account.” When prompted, provide a valid email address, set and confirm the password, then agree to terms and conditions.

Is Hotspot free with unlimited data Sprint?

Sprint Unlimited Basic: You get unlimited data free of potential slowdowns until you pass 50GB of usage in a month. Included hotspot feature allows for full-speed LTE data only until you reach 500MB of usage. … Included hotspot feature allows for full-speed LTE data until you reach 15GB of usage.

Where do I plug in my Sprint Drive?

While the car is o , plug in your Sprint Drive device into your car’s OBD-II port. The port is usually located under the dashboard of the driver’s seat. If you cannot find it, check other locations highlighted in the adjacent image in yellow. You can also refer to your vehicle owner’s manual.

Does Sprint offer WiFi for cars?

Sprint Drive Launches For $120, Offers WiFi Hotspot, Roadside Assistance & More. Sprint has joined the rest of the wireless carriers, in offering a OBD-II dongle that has WiFi Hotspot built-in, as well as roadside assistance and vehicle tracking.

How much does Sprint charge for hotspot?

Sprint: Mobile hotspot use starts at $10 per month for 1 GB, regardless of whether you have an unlimited smartphone data plan. If you do have an an unlimited smartphone plan, you can tack on 5 GB of hotspot use for $30 per month.

How fast do sprint cars go at Eldora?

150 mphWeighing in around 1,200 pounds and pushing upwards of 900 horsepower, sprint cars have the highest horsepower to weight ratio of almost any car on the planet. Sprint cars are run with and without a giant 25 square foot top wing. Winged sprint cars produce lots of downforce, helping them reach speeds of nearly 150 mph.

What can Sprint drive do?

Sprint Drive is a small wireless device that plugs in near a car’s steering column, giving drivers peace of mind by keeping them connected to their cars and providing real-time information from a smart phone or browser. Sprint Drive features: Real-time vehicle location and monitoring.

Is Sprint drive worthwhile?

Sprint Drive is definitely worth the money, especially if you and your family spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Having an always-on hotspot is extremely convenient, but the built-in diagnostics and tracking capabilities are extremely helpful as well.

How much is sprints WiFi?

Sprint Internet Available in The United StatesConnectionNumber of PlansPriced ToMobile Broadband3$60/mo

Does Sprint have free hotspot?

Sprint does not offer free hotspot service on our smartphones or connection cards. Our prices start off at $19.99 for 2GB of data.

How fast is a 410 sprint car?

160 mphSprint Cars Typically they are powered by a naturally aspirated American V8 with an engine displacement of 410 cubic inches (6.7L) capable of engine speeds of 9000 rpm. Depending on the mechanical setup (engine, gearing, shocks, etc.) and the track layout these cars achieve speeds in excess of 160 mph.

What fuel do sprint cars use?

A World of Outlaws Sprint Car is a purpose-built open-wheel race car, which must weigh at least 1,400 pounds with the driver in the car. The 410-cubic inch engine is fueled by methanol, and produces approximately 900 horsepower.