Is Mangarock Really Shutting Down?

How do I cancel my Mangarock membership?

You can cancel your membership any time….If you subscribed via the website or Android appGo to your Membership Details page.

Find the Auto-Renewal section and click VIEW DETAILS.Click Turn off Auto-Renewal.Proceed through the dialogs until you see CONFIRM.More items…•.

Why did Mangarock shut down?

The main reason they cited for shutting down Manga Rock is that it was negatively affecting the comics industry and was hurting comic creators on the monetary front. Comic creators work hard to create engaging content for their readers, and if it is accessible for free, then it negates their hard work and efforts.

What happened to Mangarock?

Manga Rock Shut Down-(ish) [Edited] … Yes, Manga Rock will be taken down from the App Store & Play Store and yes, Manga Rock’s website will no longer host it’s scanlation and manga reading services, as all traffic to their website will be redirected to MR Comics, Manga Rock’s future plan for their platform.

When did Mangarock shut down?

September 2019Original story (published on Feb 13) follows: Months after their official announcement, Manga Rock seems to be officially dead now. The scanlation site first announced shutting down in September 2019.

Is Mangarock still updating?

The website back in September announced that it will be shutting down the platform and will be moving to a new platform called MR Comics. Well after months of its announcement, the website is now officially dead. All the reading features of the website are no longer available.