Question: How Can I Become SDM?

Is SDM is a IAS officer?

Yes, SDM is an IAS officer.

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a title which is sometimes given to the head official of a district subdivision, an administrative officer that is sometimes below the level of district, depending on a country’s government structure.

SDM is generally an officer of PCS ranking..

Is SDM or IRS better?

Respect is more in State Services (as public interaction is maximum) apart from IAS/IPS/IRS. After IAS, IPS (All India Service) and IRS (Central Group A Service), SDM is definitely a better choice. To understand this indirectly, try to find out the son-in-laws of IAS/IPS/IRS/MLAs. They prefer SDM.

Do all IAS become DM?

On an average, the DM posting is given to the IAS Officer for 4 to 5 years only in the whole career as an IAS Officer. Some IAS officers never get an opportunity to become a DM at their career. … A DM is only a coordinating officer for all the state government departments.

Is DM and DC same?

So both district collector or district magistrate or deputy commissioner are one and the same. District collector is a member of Indian administrative service and is appointment by state government . … Whereas A District Magistrate is responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the district.

Who is bigger IAS or DM?

DM (District Magistrate) is a designation of an IAS officer. A new IAS officer is first posted as SDM and then promoted to DM. So comparing DM to IAS is like comparing an orange to the fruit basket in which it is kept.

How can I become SDM after 12th?

SDM stands for Sub Divisional Magistrate. Candidate must be a graduation degree holder. Candidate age must be in between 21 to 30 years….Then you have 3 ways to be a SDM.Appear for Civil services exam. complete the IAS training.Appear state PSC exam. … Promotion from tehsildar , although it takes time.

What is the procedure to become SDM?

Procedure to become SDM; SDM stands for sub divisional magistrate and to become SDM you have to appear in the state level civil services exam. in state level Civil Services Exam the most preferred post is SDM as IAS is the most preferred post in Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC.

What is the salary of a SDM?

IAS Salary Structure, Job ProfilePay LevelBasic PayPosts10INR 56,100ASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner11INR 67,700ADM/Deputy Secretary/ Undersecretary12INR 78,800DM/ Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary13INR 1,18,500DM/ Special Secretary cum director/ Director5 more rows•Jul 22, 2020

Can a BDO become DM?

In most of the states, state PCS officers start their career as BDO. From this post they get promoted to SDO/ SDM( which is entry level post for IAS officers) after couple of years of service & further to ADM & DM. … So this is one of the reason of giving preference to state PCS officers for DM post.

Which is better IAS or PCS J?

While both the services are highly coveted but all in all Judicial Service trumps Civil Service. Reasons: Pay: The salary of a entry level civil judge is more than an IAS by around 18,000 rupees. Judges are not bound by 7th pay commission and actually receive higher salaries under National Judicial Pay Commission.

Does HP have salary?

HPAS Salary 2020 – HPPSC prescribes the HPAS 2020 salary for candidates who qualify the exam….HPAS Posts and Salary.HPAS PostsHPAS SalaryHimachal Pradesh Police Services (Class 1 Gazetted)HPPS Pay scale Rs. 15600-39100 + 5400 (Grade Pay)8 more rows•Jul 7, 2020

Can a PCS become DM?

The move to post PCS officers as DMs would benefit over 200 officers, serving for over 30 years and due to retire in the next 10 years without getting a chance of promotion into the IAS cadre. As per rules, a PCS can be promoted to IAS after eight years of service.

How do I go from SDM to DM?

The state civil servants will have to work as ADM before getting into DM rank, whereas IAS counterparts will directly attain DM rank after spending required time as SDM.

Is SDM a Class 1 officer?

Magistrates in Group-A Category by status with judicial powers are called Magistrate 1st Class. District magistrates as Magistrates of First Class. … Each Subdivision is under the charge of an officer designated as a Subdivisional Magistrate (S.D.M.) or Deputy Collector who is a member of the State Civil Services cadre.

Do SDM get bodyguards?

Body guard is there when you are DM, Divisional Commissioner and Chief Secretary. That is around 5 to 6 years in your career. Rest of the time, no such facility is provided even if you are equally vulnerable. Salary of young IAS officer SDM is up to Rs.

Which job has highest salary?

25 Highest Paid Occupations in the U.S. for 2019Anesthesiologists.Surgeons.Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeons.Obstetricians-Gynecologists.Orthodontists.Psychiatrists.Physicians.Family-General Practice Doctors.More items…

Why did Roman Saini leave IAS?

Dr. Roman Saini is an educator, entrepreneur, doctor, and a former IAS Officer Trainee (OT). … Saini secured All India Rank 18 inCSE 2013 and joined LBSNAA (the training academy for Officer Trainees) where he resigned mid-training to focus full-time on his venture Unacademy.

Does DSP salute SDM?

Both SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) and DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) are recruited through State civil services. A DSP is also called SDPO (Sub-Divisional Police Officer). Therefore, both are head of a Sub-division. … Therefore, A DSP never salutes an SDM.

Is 2020 the last date?

The Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission had released the Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (HPAS) notification on January 21, 2020. The last date to apply for the HPAS exam was February 10.

How do I become an HP SDM?

Clear Civil Service Examination of UPSC and choose IAS, if you are lucky and get H.P as cader in new cader policy, you will be posted as SDM here. Clear state PCS exam and select HAS then also you can be a SDM.

Can a PCS become IAS?

According to the Indian Administrative Service (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955, PCS officers are eligible for promotion to IAS after completion of eight years of service. But in reality, they are generally promoted to IAS after two decades in service.