Question: What Is The Toughest Cell Phone Case?

What brand is comparable to OtterBox?


Spigen Tough Armor – You are going to like the Spigen case as it is quite thin and sexy.

Tough armor feels almost half as thick as OtterBox Defender and is substantially lighter..

What kind of case is best for iPhone?

Here are the best iPhone cases for every model:Best leather cases: Nomad.Best Apple official cases: Leather and Silicone.Best cases for grip: Speck.Best simple cases: Incipio.Best rugged cases: Otterbox and Lifeproof.Best feminine cases: Case-Mate.Best unique materials: Native Union.Best eco-friendly cases: Pela.More items…•

What is the most heavy duty phone case?

Best Rugged Smartphone Cases for Android and iPhoneFeatures to look for in rugged iPhone cases.OtterBox Defender series, $69.90.Under Armor Gear Trooper, $39.95.LifeProof Fre, $89.99.Griffin Technology Survivor Extreme, $39.99.Gear4 Platoon Drop Case, $39.99.Incipio Aerolite, $39.98.

Which is better Lifeproof or Otterbox?

While Lifeproof only manufactures cases for iPhones and other Apple products, Otterbox is available for Android smartphones as well. The OtterBox comes in various different series….Comparison chart.LifeProofOtterBoxShock resistanceUp to 6.6ft dropUp to 10 foot drop and 2 tons of crushing force10 more rows

Will OtterBox fix my phone if it breaks?

1-10 of 14 Answers Only if you paid for an “Accidental Damage” Geek Squad plan for your phone. Otherwise Best Buy, nor Otter Box will cover a damaged phone, even if it broke inside the case. It’s a preventative measure, but it’s not 100% guaranteed to protect your phone from everything.

Is Speck as good as Otterbox?

Conclusions. The Otterbox and Speck have things in common. Both cases have multiple layers of protection, comes with a holster, and you can turn the holster 360° for both cases but the strongest case goes to the Otterbox Defender.

Are Otterbox cases worth it?

If you often drop the phone into hard surfaces like rock or concrete floor, then it is worth the price of an Otterbox case for protection. Otherwise, the price of Otterbox cases is considered overwhelming for users in general. My phone fell onto a curb with a hard fall but nothing broke because I have an otter box.

Is Spigen better than OtterBox?

Using a Spigen case, and it’s good. Feels nicer in the hand than an OtterBox and saved my OP3 from a couple drops from about 3-4 feet in the air. … Spigen is what I have, and it’s feeling pretty good hopefully. It makes the phone a little thicker, but honestly feel it is good.

These are the 7 most popular smartphone cases right nowStandard case. Amazon. Amazon’s best-selling case is an iPhone 6/6s case. … Armband case. Amazon. Amazon’s best-selling armband case is made of water-resistant neoprene and comes with a key holder. … Battery charger case. Amazon. … Holster and clip. Amazon. … Sleeves. Amazon. … Wallet case. Amazon. … Waterproof case. Amazon.

What is the most durable iPhone case?

Many people consider Otterbox to be the gold standard when it comes to rugged protection for your iPhone, and the Defender Series Pro is the toughest case it offers. It boasts a layered design with a durable synthetic rubber slipcover surrounded by a polycarbonate shell with clean lines that enhance grip.

Which OtterBox is waterproof?

We think that the Otterbox Defender case is great if you need double drop protection and don’t mind adding some serious bulk to your phone and if your out for an adventure involving water and snow then a lifeproof is the one. Lifeproof is slimmer and truly waterproof, Otterbox is not.

How can I get a free OtterBox case?

That’s right a FREE OtterBox case valuing $50 or more for $0, follow the instructions below and just pay for shipping!Head over to to the “support” tab.Click on warranty.Follow their steps to pick out your case.Check out with your free phone case and only pay $6.99 for shipping.

What if my OtterBox case breaks?

If a manufacturing, material or workmanship defect arises regarding any Product, and a valid claim is received by Otter no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the expiration of the applicable Warranty Period, Otter will, in its discretion: (1) repair the Product using new or refurbished parts; (2) replace the …

Which Otterbox case should I get?

If you’re someone who often gives smartphones a beating, the OtterBox Defender series, which is available for a variety of iOS and Android handsets, is the best option on the market.

What is the best phone case brand?

Best protective phone case: Otterbox.Best water-resistant phone case: Lifeproof.Best super thin and compact phone case: totallee.Best flexible phone case: Spigen.Best phone case with a built-in battery: mophie.Best wallet phone case: Nomad.More shopping guides and recommendations.

Which is better hard or soft phone case?

Hard case is better which gives more protection and it will be more weight when compared to soft case . Soft case is only for beauty .

Is there a phone case better than Otterbox?

If your primary concern is the drop protection, you can save money for buying Otterbox Defender. However, if you are up to something rugged and can be brought anywhere, Lifeproof FRĒ is a better choice. … Otterbox cases, on the other hand, have a more diverse catalog, especially for Android users.