Question: Why Is Agent Smith So Strong?

Is Neo still alive?

Neo Already Died Once Morpheus and Trinity make it back out of the Matrix alive, but Neo is ambushed and killed by Agent Smith before he can leave, thus marking the first time Neo died in The Matrix Trilogy..

Will there be a 4th Matrix?

Production news Just a few months after officially confirming the fourth installment of the franchise, Warner Bros. Pictures gave The Matrix 4 (as it’s unofficially being called) a release date of May 21, 2021. The release date was later moved to April 2, 2022.

Is Agent Smith the one?

As iO9 states, much of what the movie says about The One is as true about Agent Smith as it is about Neo. … Agent Smith, on the other hand, as part of the Matrix code was actually created (or born) inside of it. The One is also able to manipulate the code of The Matrix. While Neo can do this, so can Smith.

Why was Smith afraid of neo?

Finally, why does he suddenly become afraid of Neo? As pointed out in Hypnosifl’s comment, even The Oracle couldn’t see the future ‘beyond a choice they cannot understand’; this was one such choice and Smith suddenly became afraid because he couldn’t see what was going to happen.

Why are agents so strong in the Matrix?

The Agents were programs, code within the digital system so they were incredibly stronger and faster than their human counterparts in the Matrix. … The oft-repeated ‘matrix-effect’ is Neo effectively slowing down the world around him, thus making him faster in relation to the agents.

Why does Agent Smith want to destroy Zion?

He is in command and wants to destroy Zion, the last free city, so that he can leave the matrix, which he sees as a zoo and prison, because then the guards will be needed no more. He hates mankind and the matrix, especially because of its smell. He sees mankind as a plague for the earth and wants to cure it.

How does Agent Smith die?

Long story short, Agent Smith died by connecting to the Source. … When Agent Smith copied himself onto Neo, he inadvertently connected to the Source and the machines were able to delete him. Going back to the end of the first Matrix movie, Neo destroyed Smith.

Is Agent Smith a virus?

Agent Smith (later simply “Smith”) was an Agent of the Matrix and the main antagonist of the series. After being initially destroyed by Neo, he became an Exile program and manifested as a computer virus; characterised by his uncanny ability to copy himself over the minds of bluepills, redpills and programs alike.

How does Trinity die?

While attempting to evade Machine pursuers, their hovercraft crashes, and Trinity is fatally impaled by a piece of rebar. She dies in Neo’s arms, and he negotiates a truce with the Machines to enter the Matrix and wipe out the Agent Smith infection.

Is Bane a Agent Smith?

Bane is a fictional character of The Matrix trilogy. He first appeared as a member of the Resistance who later became an affiliated puppet of Agent Smith. He served as a major antagonist in The Matrix: Revolutions.

Is Neo a program?

Neo is not a program. The One was a genetically altered human being who had his/her sensory pathways altered by the machines. In a sense, (s)he was a genetic experiment who, when the Matrix code signals were fed into his/her brain, could hack into that signal, even modify it at will.

Why does Agent Smith call the Oracle mom?

Originally Answered: Why does Agent Smith call the Oracle “Mom” in Matrix Revolutions? Because she is the mother of the matrix. The refence is in the Matrix one, at the end when neo meets the architect.

Did neo Really Die?

No franchise ever really dies in Hollywood, but Neo and Trinity definitely did in The Matrix Revolutions. … They agreed to his terms and sent him into the Matrix, where he allowed himself to be absorbed by Smith’s program. He destroyed it from within, and in the process both he and Agent Smith died.

Why is Agent Smith different?

He still possesses the abilities of an Agent, but instead of being able to jump from one human to another, he is able to copy himself over any human or program in the Matrix through direct contact; this includes humans wired into the Matrix, non-Agent programs with human forms, redpills, and other Agents.

How did Agent Smith become a virus?

Smith guesses that some of the code Neo carries as part of his function of The One was copied onto him, making him no longer an Agent and giving him new abilities. The Oracle gives us the best information about what Smith is, and therefore how he became a virus: Neo: What is [Smith]?