Question: Why Realme Phones Are So Cheap?

Who owns Realme phones?

This article may require copy editing for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling.TypeSubsidiaryKey peopleSky Li (Global (Chinese) CEO) Madhav Sheth (India CEO) Muhammad Luqman (Pakistan CEO) Josef Wang (Indonesia CEO)ProductsSmartphonesParentBBK ElectronicsWebsitewww.realme.com6 more rows.

Is Realme 3 best for PUBG?

The Realme 3 runs games like PUBG and Asphalt 9 really well, offering a consistently smooth, lag-free experience even with the graphics setting on high. Games work well not only because of the Helio P70 SoC, but also thanks to Game Space, which bumps up the performance of the device while gaming.

Which Realme phone is waterproof?

The smartphone come with an IP68 rating which makes them dust and water resistant. Like S20 series, S10 series phones too can survive underwater up to 1.5 meter depth for 30 minutes.

Which phone is best in Realme?

PHONESrealme Narzo 10A. ₹ 8,499.realme Narzo 10. ₹ 11,999.realme 5 Pro. ₹ 13,999.realme 6. ₹ 13,999.realme 6 Pro. ₹ 17,999.realme C3. ₹ 7,999.realme 5i. ₹ 9,999.realme X2. ₹ 17,999.More items…

Do Realme phones last long?

As the first realme phone came in April this year, the life of first realme phone has yet to cross a year. So, one cannot give you projection. But considering the build quality and specs, I must say that the phone will last longer with moderate usage.

Are Realme phones worth buying?

Realme phones are trustworthy ok. Every new smartphone brand takes time to become a brand value. Of course Their phones are worth buying. In fact ,I would say Realme phones are best at all price range.

Is Realme a reliable brand?

Realme entered the Indian market just an year ago(once some sub-brand of Oppo, but now it’s an independent brand) they said their overall profit margin is about 3%. I think they came to India only to compete with Xiaomi. Because it is the leading smartphone company in India. Both are good companies.

Is Realme better than Samsung?

Performance. As far as performance is concerned, there really is no comparison between the two phones. The Realme 3 Pro is, by far, a much more powerful device compared to the Galaxy M30. The Snapdragon 710 chipset used on the Realme 3 Pro ensures that it can handily keep up with any and all tasks you might throw at it …

Which Mobile brand is best?

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in the WorldSamsung. Samsung Logo. Samsung Electronics is a South Korean company and a very trusted brand. … Apple. Apple Logo. Apple Inc is one of the Top Electronic Companies in USA. … Huawei. Huawei Logo. … Xiaomi. Xiaomi Logo. … Oppo. Oppo Logo. … LG. LG Logo. … Motorola. Motorola Logo. … Mobicel. Mobicel Logo.More items…•

Do Realme phones hang?

Hanging in normal use Update the system and App to the latest version. 2. Check the phone memory, if it is too full to cause hanging, delete some files/images that are not in use and uninstall the app that is too large or useless. … Don’t download many files /open many Apps at the same time.

Why is Realme the best?

The display quality is excellent, camera is good, performance is good and same case with battery life. Realme is the sub-brand of Oppo. … The display quality is excellent, camera is good, performance is good and same case with battery life.

Are Realme phones safe?

The realme batteries are safe. It has been designed to protect battery from over-charged, over-drained and short circuits. When the battery is full, it will automatically stop charging. When the battery is below a certain value, the phone will automatically be in a shutdown state to avoid continued discharge.

Is Realme XT good?

The 16-megapixel front camera on the Realme XT does a decent job with selfies. The beauty mode isn’t too aggressive and HDR works well. Details are also quite good. In low light, the phone captures usable images with decent skin tones.

Why is Realme so cheap?

Realme is powered by oppo. So it isn’t that bad. … The actual reason why Realme is inexpensive is because it uses the mediatek helio p60 chipset. This chipset isn’t that expensive when compared to the Qualcomm snapdragon.

Which smartphone brand is most reliable?

Top 5 Most Trusted Smartphone Brands in 2020Apple. Apple is unarguably one of the biggest names in the tech world. … Samsung. If one brand can compete for head to head against Apple in India, it is none other than the Korean giant; Samsung. … Xiaomi. … Oppo. … Vivo.

Which is the best phone for camera quality?

The best camera phone in 2020Apple iPhone 11 Pro. It’s not just the triple-camera array, it’s the image quality and usability. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. A tech spec behemoth with 108MP, 100x zoom and 8K video. … Huawei P40 Pro. … Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. … Xiaomi Mi Note 10. … Google Pixel 4 XL. … iPhone XS. … Oppo Reno 10x Zoom.More items…•

Which is better Realme or xiaomi?

In comparison to this, Redmi Note series are good with the Redmi note 6 pro giving you a better camera and battery life compared to Realme, but the chipset is a real good one for the Realme. Thus, if you want pure performance, go for the Realme as it has a better chipset than Redmi at that range.

Is Realme 5i good?

Realme 5i performance and battery life The Realme 5i is a good-looking smartphone and it has the hardware to back that up. The Snapdragon 665 SoC manages to deliver good performance without breaking a sweat. With 4GB of RAM on board, the device could multitask easily without having to kill apps in the background.