Quick Answer: Can I Recharge Jio Twice?

What happens if you recharge twice?

Upon recharging the number twice with the same smart pack, the real-time and the data amount added up to the existing one.

The number showed Rs.

77.04 and 204.8MB 4G data.

Notably, the pack validity remains the same as offered by the previous recharge..

Can Jio Recharge be reversed?

If you have done a recharge through Store POS, you will have about 4 hours to reverse the transaction. Recharge reversal can’t be done post that. However if you do a recharge through selfcare (http://Jio.com/ MyJio), reversal can’t be done.

Is Jio Double Dhamaka offer still on?

Reliance Jio’s prepaid customers who purchase new plans will get 1.5GB additional data this month. The offer is valid until the end of this month, which is June 30, 2018. Jio ‘Double Dhamaka’ offer comes right after Airtel started offering 1GB extra 4G data on Airtel Rs 149 and Airtel Rs 399 to select users.

How do I take 50% off Jio?

Steps to apply Jio coupon to get Rs 50 discountClick on ‘Pay Bills & Recharge’Click on ‘Jio Recharge & Add-On Packs’Enter Jio number and click proceed.Choose any plan equal to or more than Rs.309.Click on apply coupon.Choose the coupons from available coupons.Rs 50 dicount coupon applied, proceed to payment.More items…

Can I transfer my Jio data to another account?

You cant transfer your Jio data from one sim to another sim. But you can transfer your addon from one jio number to another jio number. For that you need to open Jio app in your mobile phone and after that go to coupons. Now click on your addon and select redeem option.

Which is the No 1 SIM in India?

Jio pips Voda as India’s No. 1 mobile operator. NEW DELHI: Less than three years after making a re-entry into the telecom business, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio has emerged as the country’s largest mobile operator, edging out Vodafone-Idea from the top position.

Can I transfer my Jio recharge to another number?

No, you cannot transfer your Jio recharge to another Jio SIM. However, only Jio vouchers are transferable that too through the Jio app. All you can do is make use of the My Jio App that offers the facility to buy, store and transfer vouchers in digital format only.

Can I recharge Jio 444 plan twice?

If you recharge with Jio’s 149 plan it will remain valid for 24 days, the ₹444 plan will run till 84 days and the ₹1,699 plan will have a validity period of 365 days. To get 336 days of uninterrupted services, you can recharge four times with ₹444 plan which offers you 2GB data per day.

What happens if I recharge Jio before expiry date?

When you recharge your Jio number before the expiry of current plan. Your recharge put in que and when your current plan expired then it will be activated automatically.

Which Jio recharge is best?

Rs 2121 Prepaid Recharge Plan Details The highest-priced Jio prepaid recharge plan with 1.5GB high-speed data per day is priced at Rs 2,121. It offers a whopping one year (336 days) of validity and a total of 504GB data benefit over the course of a year from the date of recharge.

Which plan is best for Jio?

Best Jio plan under Rs 3,000 * If your budget is higher then the best Jio plans to opt for is Rs 2599 annual prepaid plan that comes with a validity of 365 days. Under this plan, users get 2GB per day + 10GB data (total of 740GB data) for the entire validity period.

Can I activate 2 plans in Jio?

However if you want to Use Two Plans at the same Time, you can Activate your Upcoming Plan whenever you want. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, doing business as Jio, is a LTE mobile network operator in India.

Can I recharge Jio 399 twice?

The second recharge will be applied after first recharge time has run up.. Ex: 399 + 399 , then first 399 will be applicable for first 70 days and then the second 399 will continue for 70 days more.. If you recharged the same plan in Jio then no issue another plan will be activated when the first plan gets expire.

Can a recharge be Cancelled?

There is no way to cancel the recharge once it is done. However for talk time, dealers have few hours or say about one day to recall the talk time recharge, only if another person has not used the same. For special recharges like minutes/SMS/internet pack etc there is no way.

Can we recharge Jio twice?

Your second recharge will go in line. Whenever your first recharge plan will expire, second one will take place automatically. If you want to rake benefits from both recharges simultaneously, then activate second one from myjio app.

Is there any offer by Jio?

50/- provided under the Cashback offer, can be applied by the Eligible Subscriber upon a Recharge in MyJio App only (“Eligible Recharge”); Only one discount coupons of Rs. 50/- can be applied per Eligible Recharge. A maximum of 44 discount coupons of Rs.

Has Jio stopped giving vouchers?

Jio has stopped previously given INR 50 vouchers. Expiry happened on 31st October 2019. At present you need to but Redmi 5 note or Micromax Bharat 5 or some such mobile with Jio sim under tie up offer and you can get back such new vouchers.

How do I activate my Jio booster?

How to activate Jio booster packs?Open MyJio app and select the data booster option under the My Recharge section.You will be able to see the available add-on or booster packs as mentioned above. … You have payment options such as bank account, credit card, debit card or payment wallets.