Quick Answer: Should I Use First Or Firstly?

Do you put comma after firstly?

Introductory words, like introductory phrases, require a comma.

After introductory words, we use a comma to separate the introductory word from the independent clause.

Unless there are other words following an introductory word (e.g., firstly, however), a comma should follow the introductory word..

What can you say instead of Firstly Secondly Thirdly?

Other transition words you can use to express sequence, elaboration, or cause-effect relationships between a sequence of events are as follows: first, second, third, etc., next, further, in addition, additionally, subsequently, consequently, moreover, therefore, furthermore, correspondingly, similarly, in contrast, …

What can I say instead of Thirdly?

Paraphrases for Thirdly: further, secondly, fourthly, furthermore, ultimately, additionally.

What are the 3 types of transitions?

There are seven types of transitional words.Location: above, across, outside, near, beyond, beneath, beside.Comparison: just as, likewise, just like, similar to, in the same way.Contrast: but, however, even so, on the other hand, otherwise, still.More items…

What can I say instead of finally?

What is another word for finally?eventuallyultimatelybelatedlysubsequentlytardilyat lastsomedaysometimelastlyafter some time84 more rows

Does a comma go after finally?

If starting a sentence with an introductory word or phrase then, yes, a comma would be required. … You would not need a comma if the word is used as an adverb in mid-sentence: I finally had my refrigerator repaired.

Does firstly have to be followed by secondly?

First doesn’t have to be followed by second (or firstly by secondly), in that it is logical to state something comes first and let it be inferred that something else is second.

Can I use secondly without using firstly?

It is not customary to use firstly. Suppose you already have stated a fact and you feel the urge to add another point, you can use secondly. No need to use firstly in the first place. If you are stating a series of facts, it will sound better if you use firstly, secondly, thirdly. . .

What do you call words like firstly secondly?

(Also called conjunctive adverbs, linking adverbs, or transition words.)

What can I say instead of firstly?

What is another word for firstly?initiallyoriginallyincipientlyto begin withto start withat the beginningbefore all elsein the beginningin the first placeat the outset18 more rows

What kind of words are first then next finally?

We use the sequence adverbs “first”, “next”, “then” and “finally” to describe the order in which two or more actions happen.

How do you use first and second in a sentence?

First, I grabbed a spoon. Second, I ate the cereal. Third, I drank the milk. Finally, I tossed the bowl in the dish washer.

What can I say instead of Secondly?

What is another word for secondly?alsofurthermoremoreovernextsecondsecondarilybesidesfurtherincludingin the second place48 more rows

What can I use instead of first in an essay?

firstlyprimarily. adv.first of all. phr. &idi.first and foremost. phr. &adv.initially. adv.first. adv. &adj.foremost. adv. &adj.in the first place. phr. &idi.first off. phr. &adv.More items…