Quick Answer: What Are Good Words That Start With J?

What is a city that starts with J?

JacksonvilleList of cities beginning with letter JCityCountryJaboatao dos GuarapesBrazilJacareíBrazilJacksonUnited StatesJacksonvilleUnited States109 more rows.

What is a drink that starts with J?

Popular “J” Cocktail RecipesJack O’Lantern (brandy)Jack Rose (brandy)Jalisco High Tea (tequila)Jamaica Margarita (tequila)Japanese Cherry Blossom Margarita (tequila)Japanese Cocktail (brandy)Japanese Slipper (Midori)Jean Harlow Cocktail (rum)More items…

What word starts with J for kids?

words that begin with the Letter Jjacket.jail.jam.jet.jewel.jingle.jog.joy.More items…

What animals start with the letter J?

Alphabetical list of animals that start with JJabiru.Jackal.Jackrabbit.Jaguar.Jaguarundi.Jay.Jellyfish.Jerboa.More items…

What can I buy that starts with the letter J?

Big List of Gifts That Begin With the Letter JJacket.Tools for Hobbies.Electronics and Gadgets.Jabra Bluetooth Headset.Java Presse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder.Food to Eat and Share.Jewelry.Books to Read.More items…•

What is a fruit that starts with J?

Fruits That Start With J:1 – Jaboticaba Fruit: Jaboticaba is a fruit that has a dark skin with a flesh like that of a lychee. … 2 – Jackfruit: Jackfruit grows in the tropical regions of the world. … 3 – Jambul Fruit: … 4 – Japanese Persimmon Fruit: … 5 – Jatoba Fruit: … 6 – Jelly Palm Fruit: … 7 – Jocote Fruit: … 8 – Jostaberry Fruit:More items…•

What does J color mean in a diamond?

Near ColorlessJ color diamonds fit into the “Near Colorless” range of the scale, meaning that while they may display some hints of color, they still appear primarily colorless when they’re looked at with the naked eye. The J color grade is actually the lowest color grade that’s considered near colorless using the GIA’s color scale.

What candy starts with the letter J?

Kind of Candy with J (25x)Jello.Jelly Beans.Jelly babies.Jolly Ranchers.Juicy Fruit.jaw breaker.jelly.jelly bean.More items…

What states start with the letter J?

And you’d be close — the letter J actually appears in one state name: New Jersey.

What Colour is Jasmine?

yellowThe color jasmine is a pale tint of yellow, displayed at right. It is a representation of the average color of the more yellowish lower part of the pale yellowish white colored jasmine flower.

What country starts with J?


What is a state that starts with J?

US StatesSTATECAPITALPOSTALMichiganLansingMIMinnesotaSt. PaulMNMississippiJacksonMSMissouriJefferson CityMO48 more rows

What are words that begin with J?

11-letter words that start with jjustifiable.justiciable.jabberwocky.jactitation.juvenescent.journeywork.journalized.journalizer.More items…

What is an adjective that starts with J?

Adjectives that start with J:Jarring.Jeering.Jinxed.Joyous.Judicious.Jovial.Jesting.

What’s a color that starts with J?

Color NameManufacturerColor GroupJapan RedEagleRedJasperCrayolaGreenJazz JadePentechGreenJazzberry JamCrayolaRed27 more rows

What food starts with J?

Foods that start with J:1 – Jaboticaba:2 – Jackfruit (or Jak):3 – Jalapeno:4 – Jam:5 – Jambalaya:6 – Jambon:7 – Japanese Plum:8 – Java:More items…•

What is a science word that starts with J?

JouleJoule is technically a science word starting with the letter J. It’s a unit SI energy measurement described as the “energy transferred to an object when a force of one newton acts on that object in the direction of its motion through a distance of one metre”.