Quick answer: What Does Stain Mean Slang?

What does sub stained mean?


Sustain means to support something or keep it going.

If you get hungry in the mid-afternoon, you might try snacking to sustain your energy through dinner.

Beams and rafters sustain a roof — they keep it up..

What does hit a lick mean?

Get a Lot of Money QuicklyWhat Does HIT A LICK Mean? HIT A LICK means “Get a Lot of Money Quickly”.

What is stain slang for?

Hit a stain is a slang term heavily used in Chicago which means to rob someone or get something without doing much. A stain is someone or something that is seen as an easy come-up. Due to the recent explosion of drill music in the US, Chicago slang terms started spreading nationwide.

What does staining people mean?

blot, smear, smirch, spot, stain(verb) an act that brings discredit to the person who does it. “he made a huge blot on his copybook”

What does getting stained mean?

1 : to suffuse with color. 2 : discolor, soil. 3a : taint sense 3 a conscience stained with guilt. b : to bring discredit on the scandal stained his reputation. 4 : to color (something, such as wood, glass, or cloth) by processes affecting chemically or otherwise the material itself.

Is Stainy a word?

The word stainy has 2 anagrams. The condition of being sane. Like satin, smooth and shiny, glossy.