What Is The 2 Letter Country Code For ScotlaNd?

What are the 3 letter countries?

Philippines.Ethiopia.Iran.Democratic Republic of the Congo.Thailand..

Which country code is 44?

United Kingdom44 is the international code used to dial to United Kingdom.

What country code is 8?

Country Codes by Calling Code Number: 8Anguilla809Hong Kong852Macao853Cambodia855Laos85622 more rows

Is there a 2 letter country code?

Two-letter country codes are used to represent countries and states (often both widely recognized and not) as a code of two letters. … This standard set of codes is a part of ISO 3166-1, which also maintains a list of three-letter codes for countries (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3).

What is the 2 letter country code for United Kingdom?

For example, the United Kingdom, whose alpha-2 code is GB, uses .uk instead of .gb as its ccTLD, as UK is currently exceptionally reserved in ISO 3166-1 on the request of the United Kingdom.

What country has 3 letters in its name?

Countries – 3 lettersResultsNotesInstant LookupDDREast Germany, former countryW O DGDREast Germany, former countryW O DUAEUnited Arab EmiratesW O DUARFormer countryW O D

What is USA ISO code?

ISO 3166-2:US is the entry for the United States in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in I 3166-1.

What country code is DB?

3) Add code of Germany (49) from DB.

Which country uses +59?

SurinameSuriname telephone code 597 is dialed after the IDD. Suriname international dialing 597 is followed by an area code.

What country is fa?

Faroe IslandsISO 3166-1 numeric 234ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 FROISO 3166-1 alpha-2 FOE.212 mobile country code(s) 288NATO Three-letter code FRONATO Two-letter code (obsolete) FOITU Maritime ID(s) 231ITU letter code(s) FROFIPS country code(s) FOGS1 GTIN prefix(es) —UNDP country code —WMO country code(s) FA1 more row

Is Scotland a country?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), since 1922 comprises four countries: England, Scotland, and Wales (which collectively make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland (which is variously described as a country, province, or region).

What country has the shortest name?

Which Country Has the Shortest Name?RankCountryNumber of Letters1Chad42Cuba43Fiji44Iran46 more rows•Nov 27, 2018

What is the 2 letter country code for USA?

Country Code US Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-2 US is the two-letter country abbreviation for United States.

Is there a 3 letter country code?

Country Code ARE Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-3 ARE is the three-letter country abbreviation for United Arab Emirates.

What country abbreviation is zz?

Country Code List: ISO 3166-1993 (E)CodeDefinition and ExplanationZMZambiaZRZaireZWZimbabweZZUnknown or unspecified country241 more rows

What country is zy?

Countries that start with “Z”#CountryArea (Km²)1Zambia743,3902Zimbabwe386,850