What Is The Happiest State In USA?

What is the most dangerous state in the US?

Safest and Most Dangerous StatesOverall rankStateTotal Score1Maine66.022Vermont65.483Minnesota62.424Utah61.7147 more rows.

What is the funnest state?

Overall Rank (1=Best)StateTotal Score1California61.572Florida58.213New York57.854Washington51.1246 more rows•Jun 10, 2019

What is the saddest city in the United States?

The 50 Saddest Cities in AmericaMontgomery, AL. Shutterstock. … Tampa, FL. Unemployment Rate: 10.60% … Kansas City, KS. Unemployment Rate: 11.40% … Hialeah, FL. Unemployment Rate: 11.80% … New Orleans, LA. Unemployment Rate: 10.30% … Clarksville, TN. Shutterstock. … Spokane, WA. Unemployment Rate: 9.00% … Sacramento, CA.More items…•

Do people live longer in Hawaii?

Even death. According to a recent study published in JAMA journal, Hawaiians have the longest life expectancy of any American state. At 81.3 years, the average life expectancy for a Hawaiian from birth is the longest in the country. Hawaii has been considered one of the healthiest states in the U.S. for several years.

What is the most polite state?

Alabama has beaten Oklahoma once again, this time vaulting over the Sooner State to be named the most polite state in America.

What is the best state to live in financially?

Washington State was found to be the best state to make a living, while Hawaii ranked last. The chief benefits offered by Washington are an average median income that ranks fourth nationally and the fact that it has no state income tax.

What is the stupidest state?

New Jersey ranked as the smartest state in the nation, while Idaho was named the dumbest state. A new study shows that Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana rank among the “dumbest” states in America.

What is the rudest state?

New YorkNew York was named the rudest state in America, followed by Arkansas, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, and Rhode Island.

Why is Hawaii the happiest state?

The study was conducted based on a variety of “happiness” factors, including emotional and physical well-being, work environment and general community and environment. … Hawaii also had the fifth-highest income growth and the fifth-lowest divorce rate, contributing to the overall happiness ranking.

What is the most peaceful city in America?

Cambridge, Massachusetts, tops the list as the most peaceful metro, followed by Edison-New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Seattle, Washington….Below, a full list of the Metro Peace Index by rank:Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, CA.Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN.Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale, AZ.Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY.Richmond, VA 23.More items…•

Where is the most peaceful place to live in the US?

Overall Rank (1=Best)City’Emotional & Physical Well-Being’ Rank1Fremont, CA42Plano, TX63San Jose, CA14Irvine, CA771 more rows•Mar 9, 2020

Is Hawaii nice to live?

Yes it’s a welcoming environment, but finding a good job might be a problem. There’s kind of too many people here already, and connections are often vital to finding one, so it might be a bit difficult. Daily living and most of all, finding a house in the first place is notoriously expensive.

What are the top 10 happiest states?

Ten Happiest States in the U.S.Hawaii. At the top of the list is Hawaii, which ranked first overall and first for emotional & physical well-being. … Utah. Utah is the second-happiest state in the United States. … Minnesota. … 4. California. … New Jersey. … Idaho. … Massachusetts. … Maryland.More items…

What is the happiest town in America?

Boulder, Colorado—the happiest city in America according to the National Geographic Gallup Special Index—is best explored on two wheels, with over more than 300 miles of dedicated bikeways.

What is the most loved state?

HawaiiHawaii has been crowned the most loved-up US State.

What is the best state to live in USA?

Here is a list of the top ten best states to live in the United States:New Hampshire.Minnesota.Utah.Vermont.Maryland.Virginia.Massachusetts.Nebraska.More items…